Levantine Dialect

Levantine Dialect

Levantine Dialect

Our Levantine Arabic Program has been designed to cater to your needs in terms of the topic chosen, structure, and pace. Our curriculum has been carefully elaborated to give you critical knowledge to evolve, interact, and work in the Levant region.

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Why learn Levantine Arabic?

Well, there are many answers to this question, of course. However, the best response would probably be that Levantine Arabic is one of the most common dialects in the MENA region. Knowing this dialect will give you a high chance to be understood pretty much anywhere you go in Middle-East. This language has spread all over the MENA region through music, movies, and immigration and politics.

Structure of the course:

Our course is divided over 23 levels from A.0 to B.2 and will guide you through an unforgettable journey in language, culture, music, media, and politics. Starting with the necessary conversations of everyday life, in a few terms, the student will begin conversing about society, expressing her/his opinion on different subjects elaborated to stimulate the interest of the student and his interest.

Once you are done with our placement test, you will receive the result and the group which has been allocated to you. Click here to have a look at our detailed  Curriculum Levantine Online – Dialect.

What does the course content, and how is the learning method?

  • Every term is composed of 4 weeks of studies.
  • Every week the student gets 2 hours of synchronous group class and 1 hours of private lessons with her/his tutor a week.
  • The student will get his ID and password to access our e-learning platform.
  • At the beginning of every week, the tutor will post the material and exercises on our platform.
  • The student will get a couple of assignments written and oral to return every week.
  • Every week, the student will get the opportunity to join our debate sessions.
  • The student is evaluated on his work all along with the term and will be allowed to access the upper level according to her/his result, which is communicated monthly. Under 50%, the student will not be able to go up levels.

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