Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) the 5th most spoken language in the world, one of the United Nations’ sixth used language and a crucial asset for your career and ambition if you are planning to engage with the MENA region.

Mainly used to communicate formally, media, meeting with Arabs from a different country, administration, learning MSA is central for individuals working in the Middle-East, university researchers, or students with a focus on the Arab world.

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Why learning Modern Standard Arabic ? 

We are following a topic-based approach where we will begin by giving you the keys to understanding basic conversation, get around, ride a cab, and have a small conversation. On a second step, our curriculum will rapidly move to tackle text and vocabulary used in the media, articles, videos while integrating Arabic grammar along the way, however, escaping from a very scholar detailed approach, which is often used in most of the manuals.

The curriculum is based on our materials, which have been developed by our team but also the books Lughatuna Al-Fusha: A New Course in Modern Standard Arabic, by Cairo University press written by Samia Luis.

Once you are done with our placement test, you will receive the result and the group which has been allocated to you. Click here to have a look at our detailed Curriculum MSA Levantine Online.

What will you get once registered?

  • Every term is composed of 4 weeks of studies.
  • Every week the student gets 2 hours of synchronous group class and 1 hours of private lessons with her/his tutor a week.
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  • At the beginning of every week, the tutor will post the material and exercises on our platform.
  • The student will get a couple of assignments written and oral to return every week.
  • Every week the student will get the opportunity to join our debate sessions.
  • The student is evaluated on his work all along with the term and will be allowed to access the upper level according to her/his result, which is communicated monthly. Under 50%, the student will not be able to go up levels.

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