Private classes

Private classes

Private classes

You cannot go wrong with private lessons, and our tutors are ready to accommodate your timing, needs, ambition, and objectives. May you want to perfect your Levantine dialect, start Arabic from scratch, preparing yourself for a job interview or a university exam, our team will know how to listen to your demand and propose you a trajectory with priorly agreed content, goals, and progression.

Our tutors are experienced and qualified. They all have a different background in social science, law, or languages. Trained along the year with the Levantine Institute of Tripoli, have a better look bellow and precise at registration if you would prefer being with any specific tutor.

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First hour is free, no engagement! 

Maya is an Arabic teacher and coordinator. She holds a Master in Arabic Literature and is currently finishing her PhD. She will take you on an unforgettable journey in Levantine identity and culture as well as classical Arabic.

Fatima is our Arabic teacher who holds a Master’s degree in History and has been teaching with Levantine Dialect and MSA with passion for the past 4 years. She has substantial knowledge in international and regional politics, Levantine grammar, and local culture.

Malak is our teacher of Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine Dialect. She is a certified lawyer in Lebanon and excels in Arabic grammar, and she has been teaching Arabic as a foreign language for the past 4 years. Malak will reinforce your understanding of Lebanese politics, humanitarian law, or any related topics.

Manal, our Arabic teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching Arabic literature in Lebanon and 4 years Arabic as a foreign language. Manal is a qualified teacher with strong skills in MSA, grammar, and literature.

Sherine, an Arabic teacher that holds a Master’s in Arabic literature and has prior experiences working with NGOs and has strong skills in Modern Standard Arabic grammar. Her smile and positivity will make you go through the most challenging part of” qawa3ed” (Arabic grammar).

Amina our Arabic teacher and holds a Master in Arabic Literature and has a real passion for the language. She has a strong knowledge of Levantine culture and identity. Amina will take your Ammiyeh and MSA to the level you always wished to reach.

Safa is our Arabic teacher with a BA in Arabic Literature and has years of experience in education in Lebanon. She is active in the civil society and women empowerment organization, she has strong skills in Ammyeh and MSA and a fantastic personality.

Halima is a senior Arabic teacher and has 3 years of experience teaching MSA and Levantine Dialect as a foreign language. She holds a BA in English Linguistics and has an amazing ability to help students doing their first steps with the language and build the right base.